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Diabolo rolls are mounted on the front (easier handling).

Diabolo rolls instead of a run-out shell (fewer scratches and precise guiding for narrow seam coating.

Connection is manufactured of a titanium alloy with a very small expansion property.

Support is suitable to fit in the existing mountings

Hour glass rolls (11 and 1 o’clock) are made of high temperature ceramic.

Diabolo rolls are fully insulated.

Lead-in shell is made of a synthetic-ceramic compound è wear resistant and insulating.

Ampco - lead-in shells provide a smooth transfer.

pre-calibration with solid ceramic rolls.

Roller guide suitable for the existent mountings.

roller guides are equipped with magnets.

Intermediate shell made of synthetic-ceramic compound which prevents spark formation in the rounding shell area.

Rounding shell with stainless steel hard-chrome coating.

Internal roll-forming mandrel with deflecting-insert.

AFB 860 Tool D73