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Powder / Lacquer Curing

Frei AG manufactures side seam protection systems for welded three-piece cans, namely powder and liquid lacquer application units and curing systems to match the many different production speeds of various welding machines. When developing the technology for the latest seam protection units Frei AG left no loose ends. The gas burner systems will conform with the strictest legislation. In today's competitive marketplace it makes a lot of sense in either economic or in ecological terms to choose a state-of-the-art curing unit with lowest exhaust values, low energy consumption and no need of water cooling.

Frei's curers certified CO concentration is less than 5mg/m³ (4 ppm) and less than 5 mg/m³ (2.5 ppm) for the NOx. These figures are valid for natural gas as well as for LPG.

Frei curing units are available in various lengths for welding speeds from 8 - 115 m/min




 Gas curers “seam up”


 Gas curers “seam down”

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