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September 25 - 27

New can body conveyor system for old

gas and electric curing units of the PCA series

Delivery scope (for U-shape)

-  Longitudinal bottom conveyor system with

   twin belt and wear resistant steel bands

   mounted on sturdy, extruded aluminum


-  Manual, central height adjusting device for

   fast and easy conversion to different can


-  180° can body return station including one

   tool set for one diameter

-  Feeding conveyor

-  Run-out conveyor


-  Minimum spare parts requirements

-  Scratch-free conveyance of printed can bodies

-  No cooling water circuit required

-  The system operates without the aid of lateral guide rails in the heated    area

-  The previous gas-air mixture preparation system or electric control system,

   remain unchanged

-  Existing gas burners or electric hot-air convectors no longer require    adjustment following diameter alterations

-  The three previous drive motors for can body conveyors (feed, delivery and    longitudinal) can continue to be used

-  The current locations of the  welding machines and elevators in the    production lines need not to be altered by the conversion

-  Original parts, service and guarantee from the manufacturer

Diameter range:

45 - 165 mm

Can height range:

55 - 320 mm