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The QVIS-C2 system is a highly accurate dual-camera machine vision system for 100% inside inspection of food cans. The system uses two high resolution cameras to inspect all aspects on three piece welded cans of any size.

The first camera is used for inspecting the can flange and weld tip area. It is accurate enough to measure the flange all around the can and identify knocked-down flanges, dents, short for long flanges and other defects. The weld tip is also inspected.

The second camera inspects the can's side wall and the bottom of the can, detecting dents, foreign objects, split welds and even gross seam defects. The super-simple QVIS software allows users with any level of expertise to easily control the types of defects and sensitivity level of the inspection.

The QVIS-C2 Inline Vision Inspection System for Cans is an affordable, accurate and easy to use solution for finished can quality control.

QVIS-C2 Advantages:

Can Diameters

200-603 as well as non-round cans


QVIS software on touchscreen monitor

Types of defects supported

Knocked-down flanges, dents, short or long flanges, weld tip, dents in the can wall, gross seam defects, foreign objects and other visual defects