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The QVIS-E1 system is an advanced, user friendly quality machine vision system for 100% inspection of can ends. The system uses a single, high resolution, high speed color camera, advanced optics and illumination components to capture a highly accurate image of the end that reveals all defects. The super-simple QVIS software allows users with any level of expertise to easily control the types of defects and sensitivity level of the inspection.

All system components, including the optical system, electrical panel, computer and touchscreen monitor are housed in a single, compact, floor-mounted unit.

The system includes an end detection sensor, encoder and conveyor-mounted end rejection system.

The QVIS-E1 Inline Vision Inspection System for Ends provides a high quality vision inspection system in a convenient, easy to use and affordable package.

QVIS-E1 Advantages:

End Diameters



QVIS software on touchscreen monitor

Types of defects supported

Dents, scratches, missing compound, compound skips, compound on end panel, curl dents and splits and other visual defects